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The Black Sisterhood Files

The Black Sisterhood Files

Kristina Naydonova

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Condition: Good

Pages: 250

Format: Paperback


  • fiction
  • mystery
  • young adult

ISBN: 9798615455865

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Crime has befallen the quaint town of Parkersburg, West Virginia. Upon moving to her new home, Lexie Torres soon realizes that her life has morphed into a never-ending cycle of murder, mystery, and peculiar discoveries. Lexie joins a town clan called The Black Sisterhood, a group of teenage girls that often assists the police with solving crimes. Every night, Lexie notices a cloaked figure standing by the neighboring house, a residence with dreadful past events. Soon after, the killings spring into motion. The Black Sisterhood will reveal the cloaked murderer's true identity through a compelling tale of love, murder, and adventure -- a tale bound to keep readers hooked until the final page. 
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