about the founder

My name is Sarah and my brand of book reviews (and now book retail), Prose and Paperbacks, has been one of my greatest passions since 2020. Reading has been my favorite pastime for my entire life, and I take pride in my knowledge of various genres, new releases, popular titles, and tailored recommendations. I typically read upwards of fifty books per year, which leaves me with a lot of titles that I don't plan on keeping on my shelves.

I have always dreamed of opening a bookstore, and my own collection seems as good a place as any to start. Together with donated books, titles purchased from garage and estate sales, or copies acquired through other means, I hope to create a high-quality selection of books for sale at reasonable prices. With future hopes of expanding into one of the first brick and mortar independent bookstores in the southwest Salt Lake Valley in Utah, your views and patronage is appreciated more than you know.

As for me personally, I live in the Salt Lake valley with my husband and two cats. When I'm not reading, I'm a full-time data analyst who loves hiking, travelling, photography, and good food.

I have a lot planned for the Prose and Paperbacks brand, including book clubs, newsletters, a blog, curated lists of recommendations, and more. I'm excited to embark on this journey and hope you'll join me on our own literary adventure.