about the books

Prose and Paperbacks takes great care in the selection of the books we sell, and transparency on the quality and pricing of each title is of the highest importance to us. Below you'll find an explanation of the condition labels given to each book, as well as a breakdown on how titles are priced the way they are.

condition labels & pricing

Since Prose and Paperbacks sells primarily used titles, each book is given a rating based on its condition when acquired. Each listing will have photos of the book to give a better idea of its condition, but these labels provide a general overview of the quality to expect. A book's pricing is determined as a percentage of its original list price, which can be found on the back of the book or the inside cover. Percentage off scales with book condition.

Like New - These books have little to no wear-and-tear, and may include brand new, never-read titles. These books would be mostly indistinguishable from newly purchased copies save for some slight discoloration. All Like New condition books are priced are 25% off the original sale price.

Good - These books have more noticeable aging or slight wear and tear, specifically around the spines. Spines are not broken on these books, but may have some deterioration and fading around the edges. Pages may be slightly bent, or covers may be lightly creased (but not torn). These books look like they have been read. All Good condition books are 50% off the original sale price.

Fair - These books have a good deal of wear and tear or some type of noticeable damage. The spine may be broken, pages and covers may be severely bent or slightly torn, or wavy from water damage. These books look like they have been well loved. All Fair condition books are 65% off the original sales price.

Worn - Prose and Paperbacks will rarely carry Worn books due to their fragile quality, but some may occasionally be in stock. These books have extensive damage, including thin and fragile pages, severely broken spines, large tears, or extreme age. All Worn condition books will be priced at $1.99 or less.

additional pricing information

Some books sold by Prose and Paperbacks are special editions, or may include author signatures. These books will be a few dollars more than their calculated percentage price, sometimes higher due to the popularity of the title or rareness of the edition. Special and signed editions are noted on the item page.

Prose and Paperbacks occasionally carries Book of the Month Club books, which are priced at a flat rate of $9.99 unless the quality is Fair or Used.