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Gullstruck Island

Gullstruck Island

Frances Hardinge

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Pages: 465

Format: Paperback


  • fiction
  • fantasy
  • young adult

ISBN: 9781419731495

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Discover the secrets of Gullstruck Island in this lush fantasy from award-winning author Frances Hardinge.

On Gullstruck Island, legend has it that the volcanoes are not just active but alive. Anger them, and pay the price. Keep them happy, and enjoy their protection. These legends become the guiding force for quiet, near-invisible Hathin when she strikes out on a quest to save the island.

Hathin’s sister Arilou is believed to be a Lost. The Lost are held sacred on Gullstruck, for they can send their senses away from their bodies. If she is a Lost, Arilou can read a message across the island; she can hear whispers in the corners of private rooms; she can smell a storm brewing miles away—all from her beachside hut. But the question Is Arilou really a Lost? When all the Lost drop dead—except Arilou—she and Hathin are swept into a grand conspiracy that leads them to the most sinister depths—and heights—of the island.
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