Hi friends! Happy pretty much fall season! I’m trying to get a number of reviews out today so I hope you find one that you’re interested in. Enjoy!

Synopsis & Quick Thoughts

Dig. is a novel by author A.S. King that almost defies description. I think you should go into the novel knowing absolutely nothing, like I did. However, here’s a small blurb from Goodreads if you’re interested:

“The Shoveler, the Freak, CanIHelpYou?, Loretta the Flea-Circus Ring Mistress, and First-Class Malcolm. These are the five teenagers lost in the Hemmings family’s maze of tangled secrets. As the rot just beneath the surface of the Hemmings precious white suburban respectability begins to spread, the far flung grand children gradually find their ways back to each other, just in time to uncover the terrible cost of maintaining the family name.”

This book is my favorite contemporary that I’ve read ever. It deserves a reread and a deep dive and so much appreciation. It’s poignant and moving and one of the best examples of a character-driven novel that I’ve read in recent memory. It’s weird and uncomfortable and unapologetic about it. If you need a good YA/new adult contemporary, look no further.


I mentioned almost all of my positives in my overview, but I’ll go over some of them again here. I love weird books, and this one has just a hint of weird in it that brings some great flavor to the writing. It’s quirky and different from a lot of things I’ve read lately even though it covers some difficult and uncomfortable topics. It’s sad, but not depressing, and is unapologetic about showing some more touchy parts of growing up and family life. I love going into a book without a clue as to what it’s about and being so pleasantly surprised.


This was not a negative for me, let me state that first. But this novel is very character-driven. Almost entirely. If you’re only a fan of plot-driven novels, this probably isn’t the book for you. But if you’re even considering picking this one up, I’d say do it. As someone who sometimes struggles with character-based books, this one has good pace and the characters are all easy to become invested in and care about.

Rating & Final Thoughts

Yeah, Dig. is a 5 out of 5 star read. My third of the year! I highly recommend this one, especially as it isn’t a super popular or mainstream read. Just pick it up and read it. Trust me on this one.

Purchase Dig. by A.S. King here.

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