august 2021 wrap-up

Hi friends! Seems I’m always late to these wrap-ups, huh? Oh well. Hope you all had a good August and are having an even better September!

This month I read six books. One of the books was fantasy, two were thrillers, and three were science fiction. That’s a total of 2,048 pages this month, and the average rating on Goodreads between the six titles is a 4.23 out of 5 stars.

Here’s some more data I visualized from this month:

Depending on when you’re reading this some or all of the reviews may not be posted. Check back for continued posting as I get caught up on my reviews!

In case you missed any (or all) of my book reviews for this month, I’ll include them below in order from most favorite read to least favorite. Click on the cover to see the review.

#1 – The Way of Kings
#2 – The Last Flight
#3 – Nyxia
#4 – Nyxia Unleased
#5 – The Burning Girls
#6 – Nyxia Uprising

Be sure to check my archive page to see what books I’ve been reading in September!

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