a court of wings and ruin

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Synopsis & Quick Thoughts

A Court of Wings and Ruin is a the third novel in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. Feyre is back in the Spring Court, under Tamlin’s watchful eye. A war brews in the distance, and Feyre must spin a web of lies in order to save Rhysand and her friends. From here begins a tale of trust, deceit, allies, and war against Hybern.

This book was fine. I don’t read Sarah J. Maas because it’s well-written and riveting literature. I read it because it’s fun and funny and I have a fun time bitching about it to my fiancé. This book hit those marks. The characters are well-developed and fun to read about. However, there are some issues for sure, between the poor ending, the rushed conclusion, and the weird gay monologue? Jury’s still out on that one.


If you want to read some trashy YA, this book is one big fat positive. The writing isn’t great (cue the use of the word ‘mate’ more times than I wanted to count), but it isn’t unbearable. The plot moves slow but reads quick and there’s an interesting mix of politics, war, action, and fluff.

The characters are actually really well developed. I like the whole cast of protagonists – it’s the sole reason why I’m continuing to read the series. Found family tropes are some of my favorite and it’s one of the things I think this series does really well. I like the relationships that occur between the characters that aren’t just Feyre and Rhysand; they don’t seem like they exist just to serve the plot and our primary protagonists and I have to give Maas credit for that.


I won’t repeat my rant about having the ending of a book match the stakes of the plot, but that’s where this book falls short for me. There is a literal war in this book. People die in wars. Without spoiling anything, the ending we got doesn’t equate to the entire cast of characters participating in a war. I’m not saying I love death and depression in books, but if the author chooses to include a major war with high stakes and several battles, the outcome of those wars should have an impact on the storyline. On top of that, the ending was far too rushed. Although this book was too long, Maas really should have taken another 50 pages to wrap things up. It would have bettered the pacing enormously.

As mentioned in the overview, there’s also a weird ass gay monologue jammed into this book. I won’t say who gives it, but it feels very ‘representation for representation’s sake’ and as a bisexual woman I really didn’t jive with it. Although I didn’t mind some of the points made by the character, it felt like Maas expected some big round of applause by including a character in the LGBTQ+ community and making them say things about their sexuality. So I’ll say something – just make a fucking gay character. Plot twist, being gay isn’t the entirety of someone’s personality. People don’t monologue on their sexual orientation. Drop it.

Rating & Final Thoughts

So I might surprise people by giving A Court of Wings and Ruin 3.5 out of 5 stars. It’s really more of a 3 or 2.5 star book, but I wasn’t expecting this to be anything fantastic. It was what I wanted it to be, and that’s a little bit of a dumpster fire with a fun cast of characters. It delivered on that premise and so I’m giving it a decent rating. I probably wouldn’t recommend this series to anyone who doesn’t want to hate-read a YA series, but it was fine for what it was.

Buy A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas here.*

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