Hi friends! I feel like I’m kind on a roll with getting these reviews out so here’s another one! I’m hoping to be all caught up on reviews by the time I finish my current read, which is The Way of Kings. After that I can chat more about the direction this site is going to take because….I’m starting a YouTube channel! More on that later. For now, enjoy.

Synopsis & Quick Thoughts

Bunny is a novel by Mona Awad that follows Samantha Mackey, an outsider at her elite MFA program at the exclusive Warren University. She doesn’t have may friends, but worst of all are her fiction-writing peers: a trio of girls who call each other “Bunny” and appear inseparable. When one night the girls invite Samantha to their “Smut Salon” their dark plans take shape and Samantha’s reality begins to blur.

It’s been near two months since I finished this book and I’m still just sitting here going what the fuuuUuuUUuck? did I read? That’s really all I can say, but, like, in a good way. The plot? Weird. The twist? Weird. The dialogue and prose? Fuckin weird. Lots of people aren’t going to like this book and I get it. But this exactly what I signed up for with this novel and I dig it.


I don’t think I’ve read another novel similar to Bunny before. That’s a positive in and of itself, although it makes this book pretty incomparable to a more familiar novel. I sort of get I’m Thinking of Ending vibes from the ending in particular, but…not really? Ugh.

This book is unique and weird. I have a love-hate relationships with books that make me feel like I’m not smart enough to fully understand them. This is one of those books, but not in a pretentious way. I just think there are more layers to the symbolism and writing than what I gleaned during my read – which is both cool and frustrating as a reviewer. But I really enjoyed it, albeit slightly confusedly. It was horrifically hilarious at times, and incredibly unsettling at others. It felt like Samantha was dissociating for a large portion of the novel, and that effect was very well done. Maybe I was the one dissociating. Whatever the case, I didn’t mind it.


Hey look my negative is also a positive which is that this book felt a little out of my grasp. A little too weird. I read most of the book with the feeling that I was missing something. If I was missing something, that’s a negative for me because I feel like I’m a pretty attentive reader. If I wasn’t and that feeling was created on purpose, then….I didn’t like it. I feel like if I reread this book I’d feel exactly the same way.

Rating & Final Thoughts

I give Bunny a confused but enjoyable 4 out of 5 stars. If you like bizarre shit, pick this one up. It’s short but won’t leave your head when you’re done. I think it’s unique and strange and maybe if I had a dollar for every time I said some form of the word “strange” in this review I’d have enough money for a therapy session on this book.

Buy Bunny by Mona Awad here.*

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