march 2021 wrap-up

Hi friends! Hope you all are having a lovely April! I’m still working on getting caught up on reviews and so, at the time of first publication of this post, none of my reviews are up for March. I know, I NKOW. Sad. Between continuing to read, rearranging my apartment, and working on a YouTube channel as my main form of book reviews, I’ve been slacking. These March reviews may be shorter in my effort to catch up, but they’re coming I promise. Thanks for your patience!

This month I read six books: one from my shelf, one from my OwlCrate book box, one from my Spearcraft book box, one from my Bookish Book Box and two from my BOTM box. All of the titles I read were physical books. Two of the books were thrillers, one was a contemporary, one was fantasy, one was a mystery and one was horror. That’s a total of 2,193 pages this month, and the average rating on Goodreads between the five titles is a 3.86 out of 5 stars.

Here’s some more data I visualized from this month:

I read a lot more this month than last month so that’s always exciting. Just to give a heads up, I’m abandoning my monthly TBR style list starting in May. Instead, I’m going to be selecting my next book off of my shelf at random to help get me out of my comfort zone when it comes to tackling my lesser-read genres. I don’t want to feel confined to a TBR, and, and you might notice, mine tend to change a lot during the month, so I’m starting to think they might not be as useful at all.

In case you missed any (or all) of my book reviews for this month (once they’re up!), I’ll include them below in order from most favorite read to least favorite. Click on the cover to see the review.

#1 – Bunny
#2 – The Gilded Ones
#3 – Too Good To Be True
#4 – The Initial Insult
#5 – One of the Good Ones
#6 – Girl A

Be sure to check my TBR page to see what books I’ve got lined up for April (my last TBR month)!

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