people like her

Hi friends! This was my book selection for my December Book of the Month Box. It’s one of my favorite book subscription boxes because I get one book a month for the subscription price, but I can add up to two other books if any others strike my fancy. I’m not a Book of the Month affiliate or partner (I wish!), but you can sign up using my referral link here, if you’re interested.

Synopsis & Quick Thoughts

People Like Her is the latest novel from Ellery Lloyd, a husband and wife writing duo (so cool!). Emmy is an Instamum with over a million followers, her husband a skeptical, washed-up author. As Emmy becomes more stressed with her growing fame, a sense of worry and fear encapsulates the family. Because an obsessed fan with a vendetta is waiting, in the dark, for the right moment to strike.

I finished this book five days ago and have been procrastinating writing this ever since. Frankly, I just don’t care enough about this book to have the energy to right a full, robust review. While I found the topics covered to be too disturbing too look away in a grossly fascinating sense, the lack of any redeemable character and the unbelievable ending just pushed this one over the edge for me.


I know that there are a lot of ‘famous influencer and their lifestyle’ books out there. This is the first one of the subgenre that I’ve read, and I was fascinatingly sickened. Emmy’s thought process when it comes to gaining followers and maintaining relevancy was disgusting. I actually loved to hate her. The worst part was knowing that this mindset might actually be more commonplace than we might think among parent influencers. For the majority of the book, I also liked Dan as a character (he was the only one I sort of cared about through the duration of the plot, but – without spoilers – that changes at the end).


As much as I like the concept of domestic thrillers and have a number still on by TBR list, I’m slowly starting to come to the conclusion that they may just not be for me. In this case, the conflict and tension-building device just required too much of a suspension of disbelief for me. Between the motive (which I understand was tragic but still wasn’t enough for me to justify her plan) and the ease of execution when it came to the antagonist’s plan…nah. I know that the theme of the novel or the intended thought-provoking message was that you never know who’s online and seeing your life, but it’s hard to take that theme to heart when the climax and ending were a little too deus ex machina for me.

Rating & Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, People Like Her is 2 out of 5 stars for me. I can see why some people would enjoy this novel for sure. If you’re a big domestic thriller reader or enjoy stories about social media or influencers or the like, I’d certainly take a look at this one. The ideas behind this title are definitely creepy, but their execution made the novel fall flat for me.

Buy People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd here.*

*as a reminder, I am an Amazon affiliate and make a small commission off of purchases made using my link.

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