october 2020 wrap-up

Hi friends! I hope everyone had a fantastic October and a happy Halloween! I want to start doing these wrap-ups where I get to do my favorite nerdy thing, which is incorporating my job of data analysis into my everyday life where people may or may not appreciate it! I think it could be a fun way to reflect on the month and provide a cool, concise place for you to go to see all the reviews I’ve posted and what my favorite (and least favorite reads are.

So, let’s see. This month I read seven books: three books from my shelf, one book from my Book of the Month box, and three ARCS/publisher-provided books. I read four print books and three ebooks. Three of the books were horror, three were thrillers, and one was science fiction. That’s a total of 2,120 pages this month, and the average rating on Goodreads between the seven titles is a 3.56 out of 5 stars, which is probably lower than normal because horror and thriller novels tend to be more polarizing in terms of reviews.

Here’s some more data I visualized from this month:

This has been a good month for me! I read four books last month and I almost doubled that. I wish I had liked more of the titles I read, but I’m happy with how the month went in terms of reading. In case you missed any (or all) of my book reviews for this month, I’ll include them below in order from most favorite read to least favorite. Click on the cover to see the review.

#1 – The Silent Companions
#2 – The Echo Wife
#3 – A House at the Bottom of a Lake
#4 – Darling Rose Gold
#5 – Leave the World Behind
#6 – Black Chalk
#7 – The House that Fell from the Sky

Be sure to check my TBR page to see what books I’ve got on the docket for November! I should be finished up with one of them today, so expect a review on it soon.

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